Pizza Table

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Pizza Table

Pack of 100 Pcs

  • FOOD GRADE PLASTIC - Each pizza protector is made from durable food grade plastic, making it safe to be used on your customers' pizzas. Each pizza guard is 2 inches tall. Tripod Pizza Protectors are stackable for easy and clean storage.
  • Disposable - This item is meant to be used once and then thrown away. It is made of plastic and can be recycled. (Please check local laws and regulations regarding waste disposal). Disposability offers convenience and easy cleanup.
  • Won't Melt - Our table top pizza protectors can withstand high temperatures with melting or warping. They are safe to include in pizza boxes with hot pizza.
  • Deliver more pizzas with ease! Because these pizza protectors ensure that the pizza box doesn't touch the cheese, delivery drivers can stack more pizza boxes together. Deliver more pizzas with great customer satisfaction!

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